Sandra Redlaff is starring in one of the leading roles in the very successful Swedish crime series ”Before we Die” season 1 and 2 (”Innan vi dor”) which will be set to air on Swedish national TV (SVT) in 2019. Sandra will also be starring in the summer music comedy “Det våras för Revisorn” which opens at the Teather Playhouse Vinbäcken in Skånes Viby this summer.

She was playing one of the leading roles in Woody Allen musical ”Bullets over Broadway”, at the Gota Lejon theatre in Stockholm.

Sandra recently starred as Polly in Bertolt Brecht’s ”The Threepenny Opera” directed by Alexander Oberg at the Malmoe City Theatre. She also appeared in the British Version of “Wallander: The Troubled Man” directed by Benjamin Caron and in the new Swedish crime series “The Fourth Man” directed by Kristian Petri, which aired on Swedish national TV (SVT). Sandra is also starring in one of the main characters in the new sci-fi feature film “Origin” directed by Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft.

During 2015, Sandra performed in August Lindmark’s staging of Rasmus Lindberg’s “There are no poor children” and Emma Broström’s “Bless” directed by Marie Parker Shaw at Månteatern in Lund. Sandra previously performed at the Stockholm City Theatre in “Stolen Jewels” by Kristina Lugn directed by Åsa Kalmér and in the musical “Blood Brothers” by Willy Russell, directed by Alexander Öberg.
She has also appeared at the Brewery Theatre in Malmoe, in starring roles in Karin Isaksson’s “Burning Woman” directed by Linda Ritzén, Bertolt Brecht’s “The Days of the Commune” directed by Richard Turpin and in William Shakespeare’s “Richard III” directed by Birgitta Vallgårda.

We have also seen Sandra in the play “The Swedish Monkey 100 Red Dreams” by Joakim Pirinen directed by Nils Poletti at Turteatern in Kärrtorp and in the musicals “Cats”, “Oliver Twist” and “Some Like It Hot” at the Kristianstad Theatre.
Sandra has appeared in several short subjects such as “Dealing”, “The art of driving in 110”, ”Sofa”, “The Wedding” and “The Film about Estrid”.

Sandra grew up in Kristianstad and was educated at Skara Stage School and at the Swedish Academy of Dramatic Arts where she graduated in 2014. She has always felt a strong attraction to the performing arts and has not only interested herself in film, theatre, music and dance, but also a variety of other forms of art. Sandra has also been active in setting up free groups ”Life performers” and ”theater Buzka” in Kristianstad.